The historic farm and vineyard.

The vineyard was established in 2010 at the beautiful farm "Tranekärrsgården", dating from the 1600's.
The winery and our visitor's facility were built the following year.
Autumn 2012 we took our first harvest of grapes.

We are proud to announce that several wines in our production have received diplomas for their taste and aroma.

We have accepted the challenge in the specific conditions to grow grapes in our climate, producing tasty and aromatic wines.
All our wines are from certified (EU) and approved grapes (Vitis Vinifera) and stocks, securing excellent taste and quality .
We do not use pesticides since our grape varites are resistant to diseases.
At present there are about 1500 grapes at 1 ha, mostly of the grape Solaris [from Freiburg, Germany] and Cabernet Cortis, as well as Regent and Chardonnay.
Our climat in south Sweden corresponds to that in Great Britain, Netherlands, northen Germany and Denmark, well suited for winegrowing - but at the northen borders of ripening time.
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